Industrial and Marine Coatings

We offer a wide variety of surface preparation techniques, including sand blasting, water blasting or dry ice blasting, that allow for proper coating applications of epoxy or polyurea products. We have completed a number of water tanks, silos, transformers and marine vessels with proper coatings that extend the life cycle of equipment for our clients. We provide the full project scope which includes scaffolding, surface preparation and applying multiple coats.

Surface Preparation

We have the expertise and equipment to provide surface preparation with a variety methods, including sand blasting, mechanical removal, high pressure water and dry ice blasting.

Industrial Equipment

We have worked with many clients to apply protective coatings to equipment that is exposed to the elements of harsh winters and a saltwater environment. We apply the specific surface preparation and coatings that address the exposures to the equipment that are present to extend the life of the equipment. Examples of equipment that we have protected include silos, walkways/catwalks, conveyors, berm linings and equipment coverings.



Marine Vessels

As a sole source mechanical service company, we provide and apply our own coatings to the steel work we complete aboard vessels. This includes all steel inserts, piping and any mechanical areas where paint was removed to allow for the work to be completed. This work includes surface preparation and the required paint scheme which can include primers and multiple layers of protective coatings.