Steel Sales

Steel Sales

We produce to meet your project needs

CMS Steel Pro can manufacture and supply a wide variety of steel products that can be delivered to our clients anywhere in North America!

Examples of our products include, but are not limited to:

  Cut to length beams, angles, piping, rebar, channel, and other steel construction components.

  Slotted or punched steel for easy bolt installations

  Building kits (sheds, storage bins, etc)

  Hardened cutting blades and tips


We can produce any number of Custom Castings from a wide variety of materials to serve our clients needs.  Serving industries such as Forestry, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and more!

Mining Castings

We have produced custom castings for the Mining sector for decades. Our experience working with the industry makes us an ideal partner for all your casting needs.

Kit Packages

CMS Steel Pro can produce a wide variety of Kits for assembly on site such as transmission lines and communication towers, oil field equipment, building kits and more!

Steel Stock & Other Products

CMS Steel Pro can can supply a range of other products upon request such as stock steel of various sizes, precision plasma cutouts, and other customized products for your needs.